Friday, October 30, 2015

Morgan County SWCD Fall Events

By Leah Harmon

During September and October, Morgan County SWCD has hosted and participated in events to highlight opportunities in conservation within the community. Morgan County SWCD has a large focus on education, thus events such as the Morgan County Career Expo and conservation tours are a great way to reach their target audience.

The District and ISDA participated in the Morgan County Career Expo, hosted by the Morgan County Economic Development Corporation. This event allowed both Morgan County SWCD and ISDA representatives interact with high school students from five schools within Morgan County. The SWCD used the expo to gauge interest in forming a youth conservation board to engage young people in conservation. Throughout the fair, SWCD staff talked to hundreds of kids and almost 50 expressed interest in joining the youth conservation board.

In early October, Associate Supervisor Chris Parker organized the District’s annual conservation tour in conjunction with Morgan County’s Fall Foliage Festival. This year, the District toured Thiesing Veneer and Indiana Hardwoods. At Thiesing veneer, the 25 participants learned about the products that are created in the plant, where timber for veneer is sourced, and how veneer is manufactured. Many participants said it was one of the best conservation tours Morgan County SWCD has ever hosted.

Morgan County SWCD is reaching audiences of all ages through these events. The Career Expo Targeted high school kids while the conservation tour reached both adults and children. Hosting and participating in events like these, helps the District tell its story to the general public in a way that is accessible and helps to spread the word about conservation to a non-traditional audience.

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