Friday, May 15, 2015

State Soil Conservation Board visits Culver, IN

By Geneva Tyler

On May 12, 2015 the State Soil Conservation Board held their most recent meeting at the Vandalia Depot, located in Culver, IN, which was an active train station up until 1947. 

Culver, IN is located adjacent to Lake Maxinkuckee, the 2nd largest natural lake in Indiana, second only to Lake Wawasee.  Lake Maxinkcukee is “a 1,864 acre kettle lake located in the southwest corner of Marshall County…and was formed approximately 15,000 years ago by the receding glaciers”.  The lake is fed by 21 underground springs and maintains clarity to a depth of about 20 feet.  ( 

Following the meeting, those in attendance were privy to a special presentation by Kathy Clark, Executive Director of the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council (LMEC), and Allen Chesser, Chairman of the LMEC.  Kathy and Allen shared the rich history of the lake which dates back to the Ice Age as well as current efforts to keep the lake healthy for future generations.  The LMEC works closely with Culver Academy and agencies within the Indiana Conservation Partnership to implement soil and water conservation practices vital to maintaining the water quality that makes Lake Maxinkuckee so inviting.  Constructed wetlands have been created at critical areas in the lake’s watershed to help filter incoming surface waters.  In addition, various urban practices are encouraged on residential sites directly surrounding the lake.  These urban efforts may include rain barrels, rain gardens and maintaining as much green space as possible on individual lots.  The LMEC is also an educational resource for the watershed and provides continuous information to landowners in the area regarding lake ecology, nutrient management and water quality.

We thank the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council for their conservation efforts and for their hospitality!”

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