Monday, December 23, 2013

Working to Protect our Resources

George Reger                     
Resource Specialist  - Team Leader
Job Duties: surveying, engineering, design and layout projects. I also work with the local districts with conservation projects.
Areas of Interest/Expertise: Working the public and delivering a conservation message to them.
Background:  I was raised on small farm in Boone Co. I was a 10 year member in 4-H, main projects were swine and beef.

On August 29, Jessica Norcross and I show the stream bank erosion table to the 4th graders from the Montgomery schools. The demonstration show the student that  without protecting our soils with cover crops and reduce tillage the damage can be costly. 

The Montgomery SWCD coordinate this field day and it was held the Cain’s farm.

Our goals at the end of a grass waterway that there will cleaner water. And looking upstream we can see the effect s of soil health taking place. At the end of day we should look back and be thankful for our resources. And hope tomorrow will be as colorful as rainbow.

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