Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Four Farmer's Markets in Vanderburgh County

By Linda Powell
Resource Specialist

Linda Powell spent 15 years working on her vegetable and flower produce farm in western Vanderburgh county and finished a degree from USI in 2005 completing a BS in Biology with an emphasis in plant science.   Before taking the resource specialist position with Indiana State Dept of Agriculture, she spent two and a half years in Gibson county as a watershed coordinator for the district working on 319 grants for BMP installation.  Linda serves clients in South West Indiana Gibson, Posey and Vanderburgh Counties.

There are numerous farm markets and orchards in Vanderburgh County these days.   There has been tremendous growth in the availability of locally grown foods for people to enjoy.  The four markets featured here are just a few that we can show for our county.  They all produce most of the goods that they offer and they work very hard to produce good quality fresh produce.  Some are striving to increase their variety and are using equipment to extend their growing season to be able to offer  goods throughout the year.
Seton Harvest West of Evansville is an operating CSA

Seton Harvest Herb Gardens and Hoop Houses

Mayse Market on St Joseph Avenue Has Extended Season For Early Tomatoes

Mayse is a Family Operated Market

Reimans Market in Darmstadt

Reimans is Family operated

Bud’s Farm Market on the South Side

Bud Is Working to Extend His Season
For more information on farmer's markets in your area, please visit the ISDA website at www.in.gov/isda and click on "Local Foods and Agritourism". 

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